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What is PVBN?

Prep Voice Broadcasting Network is a high school sports news organization. We provide news and information for all high schools in North Carolina. 

Where are you located?

We are located in Asheville, NC.  Contact us here.

What schools do you cover?

We cover all 400+ public high schools in the state.

How do I become a writer?

Simple.  Just contact us.  Once approved, you will be issued a Press Pass with full access to sporting events around the state.  You submit your stories, photos, and videos here.

What is ScoreStream?

ScoreStream is an app-based scoring system anyone can use to contribute game scores about any high school team in North Carolina.  Download the app today and start sending in your scores!

Submitting Content

Where do I submit my photos, videos and/or news articles?

You submit news, articles, and photos via the IReport section of this website.  Simply upload the information.  Videos are to be uploaded to YouTube first.  Then, notify us and we'll secure it for inclusion on the PVBN website.

What photo formats do you accept?

We prefer .jpg or .jpeg files.  But, you can send .png, .tiff, and other formats.

What information should I include in my game articles?

How you write your articles depends on your style of sports journalism.  Ensure you include the following:

  • Teams Playing

  • Final Score

  • Date, Weather, Temperature

  • Player names and positions - When Mentioned

  • Significant Plays

  • Records - Overall and Conference

  • Next Team Each Will Meet

You may also want to include player and coach quotes, game stats (when available), etc.


What ad formats do you accept?

Prefer .jpg, .jpeg, or .png files. 

Where will my ad be displayed?

It will show in the desired position (or area, when multiple ads are running) on all the pages for the school you select.  For example, the Top Banner is limited to one ad spot.  The business card ads are available in multiple spots, either on the left or right side of the pages.  When multiple spots are available, we place your ad in the highest or next highest position.

How long will my ad run?

All ads are displayed for 365 days.

For more about our advertising and sponsorship opportunities, go here.